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Coordinate Plan 2018

by Tation 天聲樂隊

Nothing orgy 05:13
Flowing 05:26
My heart is not like me It has no name, Sitting alone in the dark, Watching the smoke I breathed in Like a clock which does not work yet, The wine which I drunk is A dream where I dreamed of waking up The woman I licked Sitting beside it, smoking They are two sources of the same flood, Full of blades and needle tips And,however, all this Fell on to it My heart, not ready to curse or fight back Keeps smiling far away Leaving the black blood behind ,flowing past, And forcing itself to enjoy the taste of very salt, When the moonlight gives light to the desolate col obstinately


The coordinate plan is neither a traditional music album nor a music video, but an attempt to interact with music, art and space. It does not create performances and exhibitions in the space, but rather, as far as possible, presents an immediate landscape made up of the reactions between creation and space.

Tation, an instrumental rock/post-rock band from the Tibetan plateau. What happened between them and that magical land?What's going on? We can experience the beautiful plateau and the unique music of the Tation through the field creation on the plateau by them and their co-artists this time.

"In general, people will unconsciously ignore space, or deliberately encounter space, and go to the other extreme -- the deliberate emphasis on space, which is not an internalized experience, in any case, both of them are an attitude of renunciation of the environment, but also the exile of the self. In the coordinate plan, we are wary of easily entering any of these scenarios.How do we think and feel about space?How to actually get into it, rather than giving it up, or being swallowed up by it.

Creation is here entrusted with the mission of exploration, and the coordinate plan enters the creation system of Tation as an experiment of observation and inspection.The creation of the coordinate plan will be different from the previous reproduction creation. It will be developed around ourselves and the experience of space, which is a real and immediate feeling reactor.The work is twofold, coming from us, but also from the space. It is a new myth for us, for the artists we work with, and for the space we live in."

In the fall/winter of 2018, Tation worked with four artists to create live soundscape works combining music and different art forms (installation, poetry, earth art and performance) for four different coordinates on the plateau (urban business district, bank of the Yellow River, factory workshop and Qingsha mountain, a branch of the Kunlun mountains).

Composition/arrangement: TATION
Artists: XXX, MA Yongjin,ZHANG Zheng,LIU Chengrui

Guitar: ZHANG Jianfeng
Guitar: MA Xiaowei
Bass: ZHANG Li (Tibetan)
Jazz Drum: HUA Shenghai (Tibetan)
Chinese Drum/ Percussion Instruments: HAN Yu

Saxophone: WANG Meng

Live Director: MA Xiaowei,CHEN Xiaohua
Videography: XING Chao , CHEN Xiaohua
Post production personnel: MA Xiaowei
Photographer: Wen bo

Sound Engineer: KIM Xianyi (Korean)
Sound Engineer Assistant: CHEN Yang
Audio Mixer: ZHANG Jianfeng
Instruments supporting: Yuesheng Audiovisual
Lighting Engineer: QIN Chao
Translator: Beifei
Thanks: Dayang, DONG Rong ,GAO Xin, GAO Tieguang,XIAO Le,CHEN Bozhong,JING Xudong,Lin hu,ZHEN Guoqing


released September 28, 2020


all rights reserved



Tation 天聲樂隊 Qinghai, China

TATION, an Post/Instrumental Rock band from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, specializes in blending Chinese folk music elements with rock, electronics and experimental music.

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